How to Make Good Articles With Experts

How to write articles

Lately, people are certainly familiar with the writings or reviews that are scattered in various media and social media. Even writings whose truth does not match the facts are also many who are interested in reading and participating in spreading them.

These writings may be called articles. The article itself is a short essay, ranging from 300 to 1,000 words, which discusses a particular theme aimed at conveying thoughts about a reality, whether in the form of certain facts, concepts or opinions.

For some people writing articles is easy. He just poured what was in his head in an article and it became an article. However, it is undeniable that some others find it difficult to write articles. As for being able, but not interesting, long-winded and not rich in information.

So, why do you think a hoax article is always interesting? Even though it’s fake news, why do people read it and share it? The reason is because the hoax maker knows what people are interested in, what is being gossiped about and hated.

Example: People are busy with smog, so a hoax article appears to bring artificial rain by drying salt water.

Well, if you want to write an interesting article, write something that will be useful for the community, or about a phenomenon that the community is talking about.

Steps to Write Articles
For beginners, it’s a good idea to first look at the steps to create an article that might help you below.

How to Make Good Articles With Experts

  1. Define Theme

The theme of your writing must be specific. The more specific the more interesting reading interest.
Set a writing goal. Most articles, especially in the description and narrative type articles, do not state the purpose of writing explicitly, but implicitly.

How to write articles
  1. Formulate the main idea or problem

Well, this can use an outline or outline the main idea per paragraph. So for example you want to explain the problem in the first paragraph, the example of the problem in the second paragraph, the cause in the third paragraph, the impact in the fourth paragraph and the solution in the fifth paragraph.

  1. Make a Conclusion

Conclusion make it easy. You can make it well if the logic or flow of your article is correct.

Things to consider when writing articles are:

  1. Element 5W+1H

– What: What’s the problem

– Where : Where is the place

– When : When

– Who : Who tells the story, or tells about whom

– Why: Why does the problem occur

– How: How did the problem occur, or how the problem was solved.

  1. According to Facts

Articles consist of two namely Fiction and Nonfiction. In articles that are not fiction you should of course make one that is factual. How to find out if it’s a fact or not, please check and recheck from various sources until you get an article that covers both sides.

Now the importance of stating things according to facts is because currently our law is very strict regarding the ITE Law which will imprison people who write fake news or hoaxes.

  1. Don’t Offend Personal or Group

Everyone is free to write, write whatever he wants. But write that is useful, not just thoughts that corner a certain person or group. In addition to causing hostility, you also have the potential to violate the law and face the authorities.

Article Type :

How to write articles
  1. Article Description

A descriptive article is an essay that aims to write a description of a fact so that the reader can imagine it in their minds. I prefer to call it an image article. Because one hundred percent of this article contains an overview of circumstances, events, events.

Example of a description article:

Tips for Choosing Fresh Fish

Fish is a food ingredient with high nutritional content. From children to adults it is highly recommended to add fish in the diet.

However, this nutritional content may not be obtained if we choose the wrong fish.

Good fish can be recognized by several characteristics. Fresh fish eyes will look clear, convex or protruding. If the fish is fresh, the eyes will look the same as when the fish was alive.

Fresh fish gills are also dark red and bright. If we smell this part of the gills, it will smell fresh fish like fresh fish. If the fish is not fresh it will smell very bad when smelled.

Another characteristic of fresh fish is that when we press the meat it will feel hard, in contrast to rotten fish which will be very soft and easily crushed. Paying attention to the condition of the fish means paying attention to the nutritional intake that will be consumed.

  1. Narrative Articles

This type of article is intended to tell a situation or situation, either based on the time sequence or the sequence of events.

Narrative articles can be like stories (novels, short stories, comics, fairy tales, films, dramas, etc.), in narrative articles there must be characterizations, as in stories in general. The character is described as a person who struggles with problems and conflicts with life. And he tried to win the struggle. The existence of life conflicts makes this type of writing interesting to read. Because if there is no conflict, then a narrative will be tasteless.

Example of Narrative Article

When the rainy season comes, it is important for us to always keep the environment clean so that the mosquitoes that cause dengue fever do not breed. The way to keep the environment clean is to start at home. Close all water storage barrels and drain the puddles in the house, we check all the rooms of the house that have the potential to be a breeding ground for mosquito larvae.

Then in another dark and damp room. therefore it is important for us to be able to clean puddles in the bath, puddles used to wash dishes, and water in the aquarium if you have an ornamental aquarium at home. In addition, used food also has the potential to attract mosquitoes.

With this simple method, it is hoped that it can help reduce the mosquito population which is so fast during the rainy season and reduce the risk of dengue fever due to the bite of the Aedes Aegypti mosquito. In addition, a clean and tidy house also adds to the comfort of its residents.

  1. Exposition Articles

This type of article is an essay that aims to describe a topic. Can be a description of the definition, function, part and use of a concept. It can also be a step, method or process of doing something.

The hallmark of this article is to show off bullet points, sequence numbers, step by step steps, line up definitions, etc. Sometimes there is an element of personal opinion in this type of article, sometimes not.

An example of an Exposition Article is this article, or another example

The cleanliness and tidiness of the school environment is one of several important factors in an effort to create a comfortable atmosphere for all school residents and the surrounding environment. Every school always strives to create a clean environment by teaching students to maintain cleanliness.

To attract the interest of the school community, especially the students, competitions are often held to clean the classrooms and school gardens on a regular and ongoing basis. There are several ways and efforts that can be done to maintain a clean environment in schools, including: throwing trash in its place, erasing blackboards, sweeping classrooms, and taking care of the school garden to make it look beautiful.

In an effort to strengthen the practice of discipline and student responsibility in maintaining the school environment, usually each class has a daily picket distribution tasked with maintaining cleanliness in turns. The picket officer usually performs the duties of sweeping the classroom, wiping the blackboard, cleaning the windows and preparing the teacher’s stationery.

On Fridays or Saturdays, schools usually have a program to carry out mass and thorough cleaning activities. All class members and other school members do community service cleaning the school environment after the first lesson is over. In addition to improving the quality of school hygiene, one of the benefits that can be learned from this routine program is to make the relationship between students and students as well as teachers and students closer.

The cleanliness and tidiness of the school environment are inseparable from school life. This is even an important factor in order to achieve a comfortable and enjoyable teaching and learning process. The cleanliness of the school environment also ensures the cleanliness of a person and his health. So that cleanliness is a human effort to keep the environment healthy and maintained continuously and sustainably.

  1. Persuasion Articles

Articles of this type are also known as motivational articles. Because the writing is persuasive alias persuasive. The effect can move the reader to do or follow something and otherwise leave something.

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This article is usually widely used by business people, consultants, religious leaders, psychologists, therapists, policy makers and anyone who wants to lead the audience to be willing, willing, enthusiastic, eager to agree and not reject what they offer.

Examples of persuasive articles

Let’s Carve Out Achievements As Early As Possible

There’s no such thing as ‘too early’ when it comes to making achievements. This expression seems to match the achievements of Wei Yi, who is the fourth youngest grand master in the world. Wei Yi earned his grand master title at the age of 13 years and eight months after winning his third grand master norm at the 2013 Reykjavik Open Chess Tournament, having won the previous two grand master norms at the World Junior Championship and the Indonesia Open in 2012.

Indonesia also has a young grand master, namely Medina Warda Aulia. This girl who was born in Jakarta in 1997 got her grand master title at the age of 16 years and 2 months. Medina is also a muri and world record holder as a chess player who was able to beat 650 other chess players in the Indosat Grand Master Chess Match competition. For her achievements in chess, Medina received the Stya Lancana Wira Karya award from President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in 2008.

Not to mention the story of an American boy, Tanishq Abraham, who earned three bachelor’s degrees at the age of eleven. Tanishq obtained three bachelor’s degrees, namely bachelor’s degrees in mathematics, science, and foreign languages ​​from American River College in Sacramento, United States. Previously he had also stolen the public’s attention for successfully graduating from high school at the age of 10.

In Indonesia, the youngest medical graduate was recorded, namely Rafidah Helmi, a student who graduated from Unissula Semarang. Rafidah Helmi obtained her medical degree at the age of 17 in 2016. Rafidah entered elementary school at the age of four and during her elementary, junior high, and high school education, Rafidah always underwent an acceleration program so that she was registered as a student at the age of 14. For him there is nothing special to get his current achievement, he said that the most important thing is to set goals from the beginning and be serious about achieving those goals.

Some examples of outstanding youths above at least prove that it is not too early or too soon to make achievements. Achievements don’t always have to be appropriate, starting directly from something big, making achievements can be started from just taking a hobby seriously. If you like academics, then excel in academics.

If you don’t stand out in academics, but are experts in sports, then work hard. There’s nothing more relaxing than excelling in what we love. Moreover, for high school students, achievement beyond school grades is a plus point when selecting new students through the SNMPTN route.

Therefore, let’s compete in making achievements from an early age. Show that this nation has a bright future through its outstanding young people!

Thus a review of how to write articles, the types to examples. Hope it is useful.

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