Learn Facebook Marketing: 10 Steps to Start Promoting Your Business on Facebook Version torracinoid


Facebook changes rapidly from year to year.

If you regularly use Facebook, you must be aware.

Facebook marketing tutorials that were effective 2-3 years ago are probably no longer valid.

Or worse, even detrimental.

The problem is that the movement of online information in World is currently still slower than outside, so outdated guides are still often found.

There are more…

…Nowadays when we talk about Facebook marketing, we always think of ‘ads’.

Even though before the ad there is still something you MUST prepare first.

That’s what this guide is for.

You will learn what steps you must take in the modern world of marketing and Facebook, so that your strategy is perfect.

1. Find 5 pages belonging to your rival brand on Facebook

2. Create an attractive page, follow these tips

3. Know and define your target audience

4. Website optimization for Facebook

5. Understand tips for making good posts on Facebook

6. Find and participate in popular groups in your industry

7. Analyze the performance of your own page

8. Optimization of pages for search engines

9. Use Facebook Ads, here are some quick tips

10. Do a soft sell, not a hard sell. This is the way

The 10 steps above we will provide an explanation of the torracinoid version :

1. Find 5 pages belonging to your rival brand on Facebook

Here’s the problem:

People who are new to Facebook usually immediately “play rough”.

I mean, they don’t know anything about Facebook. What to do, what other people like, what is effective for their business.

But it’s okay already made a lot of posts…

…nothing has been posted yet.

Even if you don’t know anything yourself, even using the services of an advertising agency on Facebook will be ineffective.

You should know yourself (or at least one of the insiders).

Therefore, the best way to learn is to see and imitate what works in your own industry.

Here’s how to find it:

Enter “Pages about [industry] that are liked by my friends” in the Facebook search field. The result is like the following image.

Find 5 pages belonging to your rival brand on Facebook

Facebook will show you pages in the topics you enter, and which are popular among your own friends.

Click on ‘See more’, this is your rival.

Find as many as you think are most similar to your business. Ignore those who have few followers or those who have a lot of followers but no likes & comments.

Then, learn this:

  • What kind of post that gets a lot of likes
  • How often do they publish new posts
  • What time is the post that gets the most likes
  • Photos, covers, and other profile accessories

And others…there is still much we can learn.

Most importantly, when you will make ads later, you can target people who like your rivals’ pages.

Thus, the ads are targeted and cheaper.

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2. Create an attractive page, follow these tips

On Facebook, the page is like your shop.

If the shop is bad, no one will come.

First, enter the Facebook Page. Then choose the right category. Serious. Different categories can have different features provided.

Besides that, it will be weird to see if it doesn’t fit.

If you’re still not sure, try looking at the category page of your rival earlier.

Second, enter your brand name.

Here are some page naming tips that usually get people wrong:

  • Use your brand name, period
  • Do not use product/service type as name (example: “house contractor”)
  • Short, 2-3 words are optimal. Separate with spaces

Third, complete your profile starting from the URL, description, photo, cover, and other information. Follow these tips:

  • Profile picture: use a high resolution logo, don’t use a blurry image
  • Cover: use attractive images with high resolution, don’t use just any images from the internet
  • About: explain your business briefly & interestingly, eliminate wordy words
  • Complete all the information in the Info tab, in full

When you just create a page, you will be asked to immediately place an ad. Do not. It is not time yet.

However, you can enter your audience data now.

3. Know and define your target audience

In the world of marketing, we already know that targeting one audience group is much more effective than being too general. It’s hard to come up with a strategy that works for everyone.

This will come in handy the next time you create content.

The most fatal mistake here is usually using language that is inappropriate for their own target audience.


A business, the target market is people aged 35+.

But then on Facebook they made a post aimed at young people. For example, using slang, or making funny pictures.

Isn’t it appropriate?

That’s the simplest form.

In essence, we must provide what is appropriate and attractive to our own target audience.

Fortunately, with Facebook we can easily identify who our target audience is. The trick is again by taking advantage of rival brands.

Key words: “Interests liked by people who like [page name]”

Interests liked by people who like

Hmm…so the people we are targeting are religious people, love mothers, love football, study psychology, and like to draw.

When creating content, if you discuss these things, the number of likes will be more.

You can also change the keyword ‘interests’, for example:

  • Movies
  • Books
  • Restaurants
  • Places
  • Public figures
  • Organizations
  • etc. Anything can

If your page already has a lot of likes, you can also use your own page to make it more accurate.

4. Website optimization for Facebook

If you’ve talked about Facebook marketing, you should now have your own website.

If not, do it right away.

Doing online marketing without a website is like slow suicide.

Ok, enough of the basics.

You must have seen a website that when shared on Facebook looks like this:

shared on Facebook

The image is blurry, unrelated, or what appears not to be the main image. Then the title is different from the original, the description is also not clear.

That’s one of the consequences of a website that is not optimized.

We want that when our website is shared, everything fits. The images are precise, have good resolution, and have attractive titles and descriptions.

This is so that more people visit our website.

For that, there are several “meta tags” that you must install on the website. Precisely in the .

As OGP.me points out:

meta tag


Don’t know what this means?

Do not worry.

If you are a WordPress user, install a plugin called Yoast SEO. From this plugin we can manage the aforementioned meta tags more easily.

If you are not a WordPress user and don’t understand HTML at all, the easiest way is to send this article to your website developer.

After that, test in this Open Graph Debugger.

5. Understand tips for making good posts on Facebook

On Facebook, we can’t make too many posts in a day.

There are 2 reasons:

  • Post more than 2x a day will get less likes
  • Every post must be quality, it’s difficult to make many quality posts in a day

Therefore, every post you have to think carefully.

Here are some tips.

Tips for each post type (text, image, video, link)
First, text-type posts should not stand alone but should be accompanied by images, videos, or links. People tend to skip posts in the form of text because they are not interesting.

In addition, it is difficult to convey messages with text because Facebook will trim text that is too long.

So as much as possible avoid text without media.

Meanwhile, if you use video, make sure you upload the video on Facebook. Avoid putting video links from YouTube.


See the following image:

They intentionally lower the reach of YouTube videos when they are posted to Facebook.

In contrast, videos uploaded directly to Facebook get more reach, comments, likes, and shares.

The third, post in the form of images.

To be optimal, the size of the image you use should be close to a square, or a square. The minimum image size is 472×394 px. More than that is fine, but not less.

Here’s an example:

To be optimal, the size of the image you use should be close to a square, or a square. The minimum image size is 472×394 px. More than that is fine, but not less.

Images that are larger in size will be automatically reduced without cropping parts of them.

The last one, for the post in the form of a link

The links that get the best engagement on Facebook are usually those with landscape-sized images (stretching sideways).

Konten yang dishare di Facebook
Images that are larger in size will be automatically reduced without cropping parts of them.

So, if you create content on a website, make sure the image has a minimum size of 470×246 px. More than that doesn’t matter, as long as the ratio stays close.

Then, which type of post is the best?

Actually it depends.

Depends on the weight of the contents.

Posts on social media, including Facebook, generally don’t have too much weight. Images contain very little information, as well as text.

Even videos on Facebook are viewed less than 30 seconds on average:

So, if your content is just short information, entertainment, notifications, and the like, then use photos or videos.

But if the weight is high, don’t.

For high quality and long content, publish it on your own website then post the link to Facebook.

When is the best time to post on Facebook?

Again, it depends.

It depends on who your audience is.

Are they people who are active on Facebook all day or only at night? Are they active on weekdays or weekends?

If you look at the logic at a glance, the active hours might look like this:

Student/student: weekdays, evenings
Worker: weekends, evenings
Housewife: weekdays, noon
Again, it’s just possible.

To find out for sure, continue reading until step 7 below.

6. Find and participate in popular groups in your industry

After 3-5 days of regularly publishing posts on your Facebook Page, you will realize that no one is reading.

No one likes, no one shares.


In this stage, there are 2 things that novice social media marketing practitioners usually do:

  • Surrender
  • Struggling to publish content every day, waiting for a miracle
    Oh there’s 1 more. Using ads. But we will discuss that later.

The point is, if at this stage you only publish content without carrying out other strategies, there will be no progress at all. Even if your content is good.

These are the most common mistakes in social media marketing.

The sixth step is the solution.

To be able to get other people to know us, then we have to go to a place with a lot of people.

That is a group.

To find groups that match your business, use one of the following keywords:

  • “groups named [industry name]”
  • “groups about [industry name]”
  • “groups joined by people who like [other industries/pages/keywords]”
search group facebook

Look for some that have multiple members…

…but not the contents of spam.

Characteristics of a good group:

  • Frequently asked questions
  • Every post gets a lot of likes/comments
  • Members often share information in the form of text/images/links
  • There are no unrelated posts.
  • Because some groups are ‘closed’, you inevitably have to join many groups first. Then if it turns out bad, straight out.

So what do you do after joining?

Direct promotion?

Do not. Never ever.

Here’s how…

Today’s Facebook groups are mostly spam. Especially groups that are no longer maintained by their owners.

While a good group must have a strict owner.

If there is a promotion, immediately kicked out. Once kicked, then you will not be able to join the group again.

Therefore, do not (directly) promote.

All you have to do is share information, guides, and other readings that are useful to group members. During the first 1-5 days without any links.

After a few days, after being known, then invite them to like your page.

One of the quickest ways to get a positive response from group members is to share a specific problem guide packaged in an ebook (PDF).

7. Analyze the performance of your own page

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Now, after more than a week of regularly posting on the page AND participating in groups, you should start getting engagement.

You will notice that there are posts that get a lot of likes/comments/shares, and some that get very few.

It wasn’t by chance.

Indeed, there are several types and content of posts that are more interesting to others. There are also less interesting.

This is what you should learn.

To be able to get a lot of likes, shares, comments, visitors, buyers, then you must always make posts that are interesting to them.

Therefore, we have to do an analysis.

Its location in this ‘Insights’ menu:

Insights facebook

This is where all the information you need to know lies.

There are several things you need to analyze:

  1. Which day has the most followers online
  2. What time are they online
  3. Which post gets the most reach and engagement
  4. Which posts from your rivals get the most engagement
  5. To get data from rivals, you can enter this menu:
There are several things you need to analyze Facebook

Now that you know what’s popular and when is the best time, now all you can do is plan your content for the future.

8. Optimization of pages for search engines

Actually I should have put this point at the beginning. After page creation.

But the problem is, many people have the wrong focus. They put too much emphasis on SEO for the page, so the profile becomes a mess.

So remember the principle…

…don’t overdo SEO on Facebook Pages.

Convenience and ease of users in digging for information remains the main priority.

Based on these principles, here are some SEO tips for Facebook Pages:

Page name

The page name must be exactly the same as your brand name.

But if the name can be added keywords, add it.

For example, I have a photography service with the name ‘Darmawan’. So I can make the page name ‘Darmawan Photography’.

Thus, the page will get a higher ranking when someone is looking for photography services through Google or Facebook’s own search.

Bad example:

For example, I have a website creation service called ‘Darmawan’. Because I wanted to enter keywords, I forced the name to be ‘Website Creation – Darmawan’.

Weird right?

In essence, make sure your page name doesn’t seem forced.

Do not also use frills such as: services, selling, buying, etc. (example: Darmawan Photography Services)

Even though it’s true that SEO is better, page names like this will actually make your business feel less professional.


Just like the page name, the first choice for the URL is the brand name.

If it turns out that the URL of the brand name is not available, usually we will add 1 word in front or behind it. This is where we use keywords.

Like the example above, the URL ‘Darmawan’ of course is no longer available so I can use ‘DarmawanPhotography’.

Or you can use local keywords.

For example, on Google Keyword Planner there are quite large search results for the keyword “torracinoid”.

Based on this, my URL could be “torracinoid.com”.

Local keywords are keywords that contain the name of the region.


For Facebook Pages, about = meta description.

So it’s the same as the meta description rules in the on-page SEO guide:

  • Contains 1 keyword
  • Attractive, able to invite clicks

Address & phone number

This is mandatory, but often forgotten.

In local SEO, addresses and phone numbers are huge ranking factors.

So when someone searches for your business with local keywords (containing regional names), then your Facebook Page will get a high ranking.

In addition to SEO, your about column will also look like this:


Let’s think realistically.

There are several considerations why we should not bother with backlinks on the Facebook Page.

This is not your website, you better spend time and energy on optimizing your own website
Facebook Pages normally have a hard time getting high rankings
I’ve personally tried several times to get my Facebook Page to rank high on Google.

It can…

…but soon it will drop again.

This is because Google’s algorithm against Facebook Pages is unstable.

So the only backlink that you put is from your own website to the Facebook Page. No need to bother too much.

Facebook Notes

Here he is.

If you are serious about using Facebook Pages to attract visitors from Google, then Facebook Notes is the answer.

Here’s how…

Facebook Page is only 1 page.

So normally you can only get high rankings for 1 main keyword (and several derived keywords).

Well, by making articles in Notes we can target other key words.

This means that by making several Notes, you can get high rankings for many keywords.

But pay attention to these 3 things:

Don’t focus too much on creating content on Facebook, once again this is not your website
Don’t aim for high-competition keywords, the VERY low-competition way
Always post a link from notes to your website and Facebook Page
Those are some things related to SEO for Facebook Pages.

To start creating Notes on the Facebook Page, go to the Settings menu > Apps > click the Add App button in Notes. After that, the location of your notes is here:

notes Facebook

Finally, remember 2 things: don’t over-optimize, don’t rely too much on traffic from search engines.

9. Use Facebook Ads, here are some quick tips

Actually, the guide on Facebook Ads will be discussed in another article, but because I’m sure you will want to advertise, I will briefly discuss it.

Because I’m used to using Facebook’s display in English, so those of you who use the Indonesian display, please adjust the terms.

  • Don’t boost posts that have already been published. Create a ‘dark post’ via power editor
  • Use images that are relevant to your message, not just catchy ones
  • Use audiences from other pages as target interests
  • Target a very specific audience the more specific the better for your first ad
  • Install remarketing pixels and conversion tracking pixels on your website
  • Learn copywriting, mandatory
  • Always tell them what to do (click, buy, download, etc.) and why they should do it
  • If your budget is small, prioritize news feed ads
  • Always make more than 1 variation for copy, image, and targeting, do split testing
  • It’s best to avoid selling right away, give them a benefit (the reasons are discussed in step 10)

Those are 10 short tips for you.

If this is your first time hearing these terms, it’s natural. Please learn more about Facebook Ads until you are ready.

10. Do a soft sell, not a hard sell. This is the way

This is one of the most fatal mistakes in social media marketing.

Whatever strategy you use, even with advertising, if you do hard selling it will almost certainly fail (except remarketing, usually).

This is because people who are active on Facebook are generally not buying things.


People who are on Facebook to view photos of their family and friends. Then look at the ads that offer the product.

With such a short advertisement, would those who had absolutely no intention of buying be persuaded?

Not at all.

That’s why Facebook Ads is known for not being able to generate sales.

In contrast to Google AdWords where people who do searches with certain keywords really want to buy something.

Therefore on Facebook it is much better if you do soft selling.

How, by giving something.

For example:

  • ebook
  • Guide content
  • Videos/webinars
  • Discount Coupon
  • But we’re not going to give it to them for free.

Rather exchanged with their contacts. Email or mobile number.

This is our goal, to get contacts from those who are interested in your product/service. Although now not ready to buy.

Thus, on another day we can re-do “remind” them. So when they are ready they will buy.

The last few points you should remember
We’ve covered 10 steps to start promoting on Facebook. You can now start right away from the first stage, which is looking for 5 rivals.

Before we finish, there are a few things I need to remind you.

  • Your website is much more valuable than a Facebook Page
  • This is social media, you have to socialize
  • Never do a hard sell on Facebook
  • Learn the concept of copywriting before you start advertising

that’s 10 steps to promote your business, thanks brother

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