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How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace

If you are a seller and want to sell on the Facebook marketplace, you can just apply this method. Select the Menu option and then select the Sell Something option on the side of the screen to start selling.

Then, be sure to include details of the goods or services you offer. Write as complete details as possible and include the price. Don’t forget to provide photos to further clarify the items offered.

Then, click submit to start selling. The product you upload will appear on the Sell menu. You can also see other products that you sell on the Sell menu using a Facebook account.

How to Easily Get Facebook Marketplace Viewed by Many People

If you are a seller, then it is very important to know how to get the Facebook marketplace seen by many people. Of course the goal is for your business to become more and more interested and successful. There are various ways that you can apply to achieve this.

1. Make sure the Privacy FB Profile Account is Public

The method has been discussed above, if the Facebook account used is still private or only I can change it first through settings. So that potential buyers can visit your profile account.

2. Exact Location

Must be thorough and appropriate and precise so that everyone can see, for example, the name of the location of your local city.

Cara Agar Marketplace Facebook Dilihat Banyak Orang Dengan Mudah
Exact Location

3. Fill Marketplace With Interesting Content

To make more people see your marketplace, the way is to fill it with interesting content. When you upload a product you’re selling, you can add a photo.

To make the photo more interesting, you can add a beautiful design and good photo quality. With this interesting content, users will be more interested in seeing your marketplace.

4. Complete With Attractive Product Descriptions

Product description is information about the product that will be read by potential buyers. So, to get more views, you need to include an attractive and complete product description. Such as cellphone numbers, whatsapp, addresses, detailed specifications of the form of goods.

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5. Create Promo

You can also hold promos to get more people to visit your marketplace. Such as giving discounts, buy 1 get 1 promos, promos for purchasing product packages at lower prices and so on.

6. Share to Buy and Sell Fb Groups or Through Other Social Media

To get more visitors, you can share the marketplace link through groups or other social media. Look for groups on Facebook according to goods or regional groups close to you.

  • Look for the fb group according to your merchandise
  • Join as many groups as possible
  • If you have been accepted by the group admin and confirmed to be in the group
  • Post your sales as interesting as possible in the group
  • Later, they will click on your profile link and will visit the marketplace.

How, isn’t it very easy to apply a way so that the Facebook marketplace is seen by many people? The more people who visit, the more chances your marketplace will be more successful.

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How to Make Facebook Marketplace Seen by People Version torracinoid Business

How to Make Facebook Marketplace Seen by People Version torracinoid Business

[…] Also Read : Six Ways to Sell on Facebook Marketplace Version torracinoid […]