Benefits of Coconut Water

Benefits of Coconut Water

Benefits of Coconut Water for Health that We Need to Know

Living in a tropical country has many advantages due to its natural wealth. There are so many nutritious fruits that we can consume, from papaya, pineapple, to coconut. We can get many health benefits of coconut water if we drink it regularly without added sugar.

Coconut water contains electrolytes similar to the fluids in our bodies. No wonder coconut water is called a natural isotonic. Good hydration of the body will bring a myriad of health benefits. Here are some of the benefits of coconut water for our bodies.

Benefits of Coconut Water for Health that We Need to Know

  1. Prevents dehydration

Dehydration in the body is characterized by several symptoms, such as dry lips, body weakness, to dark orange urine. If left unchecked, dehydration can cause seizures to kidney failure. The two main causes of dehydration are generally intense movement to hot weather, which is typical of hot climates.

One of the benefits of coconut water is to prevent mild dehydration. Coconut water contains four types of electrolytes, namely potassium, sodium, magnesium, and calcium. As a natural isotonic, coconut water can meet the needs of sodium that is wasted due to sweat or urine.

  1. Stabilize blood pressure

Potassium as one type of electrolyte in coconut water is also useful for lowering blood pressure. In addition, potassium improves heart and muscle function. The potassium content in coconut water can also make blood vessels more elastic so that blood circulation is smooth.

However, for acute high blood pressure, of course the treatment is not enough with coconut water alone. Better still consult directly with the doctor.

Benefits of Coconut Water

  1. Prevent wrinkles on the skin

According to the Journal of Current Trends in Clinical Medicine & Laboratory Biochemistry issued in 2014 in India, coconut water contains cytokinins that function as anti-aging. This is related to the prevention of cell aging, one of which is wrinkles on the facial skin.

In addition, the vitamin C content in coconut water also makes the skin more elastic and regenerates well. The various micro nutrients in coconut water such as ions and vitamins also function as antioxidants for the body. This keeps the skin away from free radical damage.

  1. Benefits of coconut water to control blood sugar

The content of arginine which is one type of amino acid in coconut water can improve pancreatic function. That way, the pancreas will produce the hormone insulin at normal levels which can stabilize blood sugar.

In addition, coconut water is also rich in fiber and low in calories. This is what often makes it an option for dieting. However, make sure to drink pure coconut water without any additives to maintain calorie levels.

  1. Prevent various types of cancer

The next benefit of coconut water is as a cancer prevention. Reporting from the book Plant Hormone Protocols by Gregory Tucker and Jeremy Roberts from the University of Nottingham, several types of cancer that can be prevented by coconut water are lung, throat, and oral cancer. Coconut water is also believed to reduce the chances of stroke.

However, the amount of coconut water consumption must still be considered. The potassium content in coconut water if consumed in excess can cause heart disorders. The potassium requirement for adults is 4700 mg per day. While in one coconut there is approximately 250 mg of potassium.

Thus the five benefits of coconut water in general that we can get by consuming it regularly with sufficient portions. The good news is that there are many sellers of pure coconut water in Indonesia, from supermarkets to stalls. Come on, start living a healthy life by consuming coconut water!

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