Four Common Mistakes of Cooking Rendang

Four Common Mistakes of Cooking Rendang

Beef rendang seasoning from various spices with tender meat is very popular. Rendang even has many variations in Indonesia with main ingredients other than beef, such as duck and chicken.

Rendang is also a home-cooked dish that is often made into the daily menu of Indonesian families. Although it is quite commonly served in Indonesia, it is not uncommon for rendang to be processed incorrectly so that it becomes less delicious.

Here are some mistakes that quite often occur when cooking rendang and how to avoid them.

  1. Meat is not tender

The tough beef rendang certainly spoils the enjoyment of the rich beef rendang seasoning. This error can occur due to the use of the wrong cut of beef. The most suitable meat to be processed into rendang is the beef thigh. In addition, beef thighs should be cut a bit thick so that it doesn’t break easily when cooked. This is because rendang is cooked for a long time so that the meat is really tender and the spices are well absorbed.

  1. Rendang is less oily

One thing that distinguishes rendang from kalio is that it is cooked longer, until the spices dries up and the oil comes out. However, it could be that the cooked rendang has dried out but is not oily. In fact, this oil is what makes rendang taste more delicious and last longer.

The lack of oil in the rendang can happen because the coconut milk used comes from less mature coconuts. This can also be caused by replacing coconut milk with other ingredients, such as milk. To get rendang seasoning with delicious oil, use thick coconut milk from old coconut.

  1. Rendang tastes bitter

If it tastes bitter, it means the rendang is a bit burnt. To prevent this from happening, cook the rendang over low heat and stir regularly throughout the process. If the beef rendang seasoning becomes crusty and sticky in the pan, the rendang may become scorched and bitter.

  1. Not much seasoning and not delicious

The key to the delicacy of rendang lies in the seasoning. If the rendang is not much and not tasty, it could be because the coconut milk is not right and the spices are not fresh enough. Ideally, every 1 kg of meat is cooked with coconut milk from 3-4 coconuts. In addition, use fresh herbs to get maximum taste.

With tender meat and delicious beef rendang seasoning, the taste of homemade rendang at home is definitely not inferior to Padang cuisine restaurants. Come on, try the tips in the following Royco Beef Rendang recipe. Good luck!

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