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How to Create Articles

When you surf on Google and want to find information about something, Google will display thousands to millions of articles about it. Then you can easily get everything you need there. Until you may ask,

How to Create Articles ?

list of contents How to Create Articles :

How to Create Article

What is an Article?

Basically an article is a factual essay, meaning that it is a written work made for a specific purpose but based on existing data. Even so, not all articles can be trusted and used. So if you Googling about “how to make money from the internet”, out of 10 articles maybe 5 of them may not be verified.

How to make articles is actually not that complicated, but you need to get used to doing it. Because writing any article actually has to start with the first word, that means you have to start to understand it.

Several types and examples of articles

Before you learn how to write articles, you must first know the types and examples of articles. The goal is that you know what kind of article you want to write, because each article has its own characteristics and functions.

Here are some of the most common types of articles you will read.

Narrative Articles

This article is about telling something or someone in sequence.

Examples of these narrative articles are like you’re telling someone’s biography, recounting an event, or telling about your experiences on your own blog.

Article Description

Articles of this type are usually used to describe something. For example, a review of an item, a food review or an explanation of a place.

Exposition Articles

These articles are informative in nature, and are usually the most frequently created in the digital world. The content usually describes something and the steps, including the article you are reading right now.

Argument Article

Articles like this one are articles you use to give arguments against something. Examples of argumentative articles are usually in the form of scientific articles or opinions for the mass media using this format.

Persuasion Articles

The function of this last article is to carry out an invitation, or campaign against a program. In addition, this type of article is also usually used for marketing or soft-selling.

5 Ways to Make Good Articles From His Master

5 Ways to Make Good Articles From His Master

After you understand the various types and examples of articles above, now is the time for you to learn how to make good and correct articles. Especially for those of you who are still beginners.

The steps for making this article include:

  1. Choose a topic
  2. Determine angle
  3. Studying references
  4. Collecting data
  5. Processing writing

These steps are not something that is certain, however, even for beginners you can immediately practice them immediately. These steps can be applied to create any article.

Selecting a Topic

The first way in making a good and true article is that you determine what you want to write.

In this case it is not about the big theme, but derivatives of the theme.

For example, the big theme is about football, then the topic is about various injuries in the world of football. From here you’ve got about what you want to describe.

The topic in a post helps you focus on what to write and you won’t get out of it. How to choose this topic is not so difficult, because just one theme can be divided into many things. What’s important is that you know it’s important and that other people need to read about it.

Determining the Angle

Second, after you determine the topic, you need to determine the point of view in making the article. This point of view is also often referred to as the angle. This angle is what makes your article different from other people’s articles. How do you determine the angle?

In making good and correct articles, angles can be found from your understanding of the topic you are going to write about. Let’s say we return to the “Injury in Football” example above. Angle is arguably the glasses you want to wear when viewing a topic.

For example, in this context, you want to see injuries as a challenge for football players and you want to explore how footballers deal with their injuries. So, you have determined the point of view that is used is about how players deal with their own injuries.

Articles with a strong angle will make your writing more meaningful. How to write articles based on a certain point of view can be easier to follow, after this all you have to do is get ready to put your words together.

Study Reference

The next step in making a good and correct article is to study references on the topic you specify. So you need to gather other reading resources to write your own articles. You can take these references from books, website articles, scientific journals or news.

This reference is not for you to copy, but to learn things you may not know about your topic. As previously written, articles scattered on the internet are not completely trustworthy, so you have to be careful in choosing references.

Try not to take references from sites such as torracinoid because the writing in it is clearly the opinion of the author, not based on facts. So look for factual sources or expert opinion in the field.

For example, scientific journals, or news web. On the news web, there are usually other links that you can follow. This is where you need proficiency in reading references. In making good articles, you must be patient in reading references so that your writing does not become garbage writing. Try not to just look from point of view.

Suppose you write about coffee, seek opinions about coffee that are not only pros, but also cons. That way, the process of making your article more complete and your writing rich for many people to consume.

Collecting data

Almost the same as studying the references above, in making articles, you also need data that can support it. The data in question is data that is quantitative in nature. For example, if you want to write about bicycle use, you will need to list how many cyclists are generally in your city per day.

You can find data like this on the internet and you can use it to support your writing. This is also useful when other people are looking for related data, then your article will also appear. Creating data-based articles can really strengthen your writing to be very reliable.

As with a reference, try to get data from trusted sources. Such as the national statistical center agency, or data from the United Nations, and other reliable sources that have been recognized as data managers.

Processing Writing

Next, this is the most important step in making articles, namely processing your writing. After you determine the topic, determine the point of view, and collect references, it’s time for you to process all of those things into a complete writing.

There are several ways to be able to process good writing.

  • First, you have to determine a certain writing style. This can be obtained by reading a lot of other people’s writing, then if you have found a writing style that you think is good and suitable for you, follow that style.
  • Second, pay attention to punctuation and sentences. This is what often escapes from making articles for beginners. The basis of an article is a complete sentence. Notice how you store the subject of the predicate and the object, and then the comma or period you use.
  • Third, avoid using the same word in one paragraph. Or if you are forced to write down the same word look for the equivalent. This is where your vocabulary skills can be put to the test.
  • When processing the writing in the article, make it a habit to write 5 to 7 sentences in one paragraph. You don’t need to make it too complicated.
  • For starters, try to write 500 to 600 words first. Try writing with 5 paragraphs. One paragraph for the opening, three paragraphs for the body, and one paragraph for the conclusion.
  • Use the points of view and references that you have gathered into a continuous sentence. The rest, you just practice as often as possible.

Other Tips “How to Create Articles

There are several other tips in making articles that you might be able to apply.

For example, don’t write too much at the beginning, as this might get you stuck if you’re not used to it. Write little but often.

Next, choose a theme that is familiar to you so that you are more familiar with it, don’t be too dreamy. Just think about the problem on the theme, then describe your understanding.

Finally, never stop practicing, because writing good and correct articles is not a skill that is mastered instantly, it all takes habituation and practice.

That’s our sharing regarding how to make this article. If you get a new understanding or find it useful from this article, please share it on your social media accounts so that others can also benefit from it. Hopefully useful and see you in the next article.

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