Recognize the three causes that damage Vegetable Nutrition

Recognize the three causes that damage Vegetable Nutrients

Nutritious fresh ingredients such as vegetables should not be left out of the family meal menu. However, don’t let the nutritional content of the prepared healthy vegetable recipes go to waste because of the wrong cooking method, you know.

Before preparing a healthy dish using fresh vegetables for the family, let’s first learn a few things that make the nutrients in vegetables disappear.

  1. Temperature

Certain nutrients are destroyed when exposed to high temperatures, such as vitamin C or folic acid. Therefore, to maintain the natural nutrients in vegetables optimally, avoid cooking them at too high a temperature. If using a high temperature, avoid overcooking the vegetables so they don’t lose their nutrients.

  1. Cooking time

Basically, most healthy vegetable recipes don’t take long to cook. Vegetables that are cooked too long will change color and lose their flavor and crunch. In addition, cooking time that is too long will also make vegetables lose their nutrients.

  1. Water

Nutrients in vegetables will dissolve in water. Therefore, boiling vegetables in a lot of water is not recommended. It is different if the water used for boiling is also included in the prepared dish, for example in a soup recipe.

The best way to maintain the nutritional content of vegetables is to cook them quickly using not too much water. Another way is to stir fry or steam vegetables as in the Steamed Shrimp Spinach recipe. Serving vegetables raw, or after briefly simmering them for a few seconds in boiling water, is also an option.

On the other hand, there are some vegetables that actually need to be cooked to optimize the nutritional benefits contained in them. One of them is the antioxidant lycopene contained in tomatoes will only be active after the tomatoes are cooked. So, just be careful to determine which vegetables need to be cooked and which are not.

To maintain the nutritional content in vegetables, you also need to avoid storing vegetables in hot places and exposed to direct sunlight. This is because the high temperature that can damage the nutrition of vegetables does not only come from the cooking process. Nutritious fresh ingredients that are processed and stored properly will provide optimal nutrition needed. Which healthy vegetable recipe is your family’s favourite?

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