Tips for Making Cheese Sauce

Tips for Making Cheese Sauce

Mom just needs to boil the broccoli, pour the creamy cheese sauce on it, then bake it for a while in the oven. The delicious melted cheese sauce on top of the broccoli will surely tempt your child to want to enjoy this dish.

The Broccoli & Cheese recipe that you can try can be found Cooking What’s Today. As for tips on boiling broccoli, you can find it on this page, while tips on choosing fresh broccoli can be found on this page.

But, apart from delicious broccoli, Mom certainly needs a delicious cheese sauce too. To help you make it, consider the following tips:

Prepare all the ingredients needed before you start making cheese sauce.

Because the manufacturing process is short, neatly arrange all the ingredients close to Mom’s reach. You will definitely avoid scorched and lumpy sauce because you don’t have to leave the stove for too long when you are going to take other ingredients.

Too high a heat will burn the cheese sauce, especially when the grated cheese has been added. Always use low heat, so the cheese sauce doesn’t ‘break’ either. Not only that, you also have to always stir the cheese sauce while it’s still cooking. To make it easier and also avoid clumping cheese sauce, use a whisk.

If you serve squid in soup, as in the recipe for Prawn Cumi with Asam Wangi Sauce, cook the squid separately from the other ingredients so that the squid doesn’t become tough.

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